Founder & designer, Heather Jernegan, created Not For Navigation when her love of the ocean and her work-a-holic nature collided. Born into one of New England's largest promotional products companies, developing custom products, promotional pieces, and incentives is in her blood.

Travel, road trips, salty air, funky boutiques, boating, loving nature, having an amazing family and being a beach bum are some of the motivations and inspirations that keep Heather designing, developing, creating and re-creating pieces that are customized to any location in the USA. With the use of nautical charts and topographic maps, the team at Not For Navigation can now offer custom images of a specific land address, lakes, rivers, state parks, mountains, some universities, city grids, ocean coastlines of specific towns and whole states. 

The totes, pillows, and accessories are made with the same love Heather has for the coastal lifestyle she lives. Not For Navigation is headquartered in Essex, MA. All products are proudly crafted by hand in Massachusetts and are sold in boutiques, nautical stores and online.

Thank you for your interest in our unique and growing business. 

Work to become, not to acquire.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Life is a journey, not a destination.